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Hey there!  Thank you for stopping by my little corner of the world.  My name is Rochelle Christie-Spann,  I'm a Lawrenceville GA based Clean Beauty Makeup Coach, Certified Yoni Steam Practitioner, and Certified Holistic Wellness and Beauty Coach. Studying Holistic Health and Wellness at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition really began my journey to greater health and wellness. Learning over 100 different dietary theories and the concept of bio-individuality, which says one man's food is another man's poison, was life-changing.  

Realizing the importance of knowing the ingredients in what we put ON our body, and how much those products affect our overall health, was the catalyst for making the switch to Clean Beauty. In search of a holistic remedy for my teenage daughter's debilitating cramps, I stumbled across Yoni or Vaginal steaming.  After learning more about this ancient self-care practice and going on to get certified, I immediately began steaming my daughter.  After just one steam my daughter experienced her first pain-free period. I knew then that I needed to share this knowledge with women everywhere.


Beauty and Wellness have always been passions for me and after trial and error, research and intense education I decided to turn all my passions into a career. Matters of the Body was born! Combining my love for Beauty and Wellness I have made it my mission to educate women about the importance of knowing what’s in our cosmetic and feminine hygiene products and how those ingredients play a huge role in our overall health and wellness. Everything we put IN and ON our bodies matters!

Matters of the Body

Because what we put on our bodies matters.